Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Random still

Still February, huh? Still more things going on around us adding to the weight? I may be asking a lot from a $1.99 flowering plant, but maybe it can bring you a moment of peace as well.
Don't forget to breathe. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Random reading

February seems to be the time of year when my need to clutter goes into overdrive. It might have something to do with the fact that I can no longer blame the holidays for the stuff blanketing every surface. Maybe the conversation hearts just speak to me on a higher level. Or maybe February just tends to get on my last nerve and fidgety fuels the restoring order fire. 

I turned my attention to the book shelves. They saw me coming, and tried to be all "I wasn't that bad of a book, maybe so-and-so wants to read me"..."Maybe you have no taste"...and then from the ones put in the bag "You say you are going to start going to the library, we bet you can't make it through March."  I filled a copy paper box (I could have just said a box, but then you might have been unimpressed, assuming I used a shoe box) and a bag (not a lunch bag either).

Phase one of Operation Literature Reduction is futile without phase two-driving to the used book/buyback store. Yesterday was the day! I like to browse the store while my haul is being reviewed, as I feel it gives me a slightly less desperate appearance. I fully intended to take the cash for all of the books I felt confident the guy was going to take, but better to be prepared. I remembered I had my book wish list in my purse, so I was not just wandering aimlessly, but rather surely gave the impression that I didn't care if he wanted any of my awesome books or not-an attitude that was bound to pull in top dollar. I found one of the five books, so I was headed toward the slippery slope away from walking out with money in my pocket.

Then I saw this...
THREE novels?! As tempted as I was, I found it hard to believe that anything on the pages of the book could live up to the title. Maybe if the two books I already had in my hand did not add up to the exact $10 that I was being offered in store credit for the six books he was interested in. (Cash would have been $6.50-who are we kidding?)

I felt a little deflated as I loaded the books back into my car, but I still had the book store one block down. Not only would that make another dent in my stash, but I would leave whatever few books that were bound to be left at that store as a donation, to escape the danger of them coming home with me and wandering back inside. "Closed on Mondays" (sigh-totally deflated)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Heart-y random

How can it be Tuesday again already? I did so much in the past week, yet it somehow seems to have amounted to so little. Maybe I would be more productive if I put forth less effort? Here goes!

I don't even have any random photos left on my phone to share, so let me take a look around here! My daughter informed me that I was slacking in getting the Valentine candy into the bowls, so I promptly got my act together. Looks like the large Brach's conversation hearts went with some new dialogue this year. 
I was far more excited and interested when I thought this said "Nacho man".
 So am I too old for these?
Yeah, that's what I was thinking!
Seems a little desperate, no? Let's see what Sweet-tart hearts have to offer...
...Ah, that's better...maybe? Look how colorful this bowl of sugar delights is - just one perk of opening the bag when home alone. No doubt we will soon find ourselves in the same nearly monochromatic place as every other year. (You can read my first post about that - it was my third post ever here on this little blog in 2010, and clearly something I have felt passionate about for quite some time.)

**My daughter just walked in and commented on her conversation heart from earlier. She said at first she thought I bought a bag of "funny" hearts...
...then decided she just felt badly about herself.**

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Snackity random

Earlier today I had an idea for a post. This is not that post. I got distracted by snacks! 

Wait! This is not my usual snack...
...it is not even the right color. Sorry Hershey's, you know I have feelings for you, but not the right flavor either. Look at this heart that was in my daily handful of peanut m&m's today...
...sure, it is a little imperfect, but that's love, isn't it? These are on my kitchen counter right now, and they have even more friends with them...
...they are leftovers my husband brought home from work. They are taunting me and do not want to hear about how many cookies I ate before they arrived. I don't know if donuts freeze well, but I am hoping their screams will not be audible from in there! I guess food really is love...
...especially when it looks like poop? That ought to kill any cravings for a snack, and if it doesn't, try these...
...why are these words together on these packages????
I can only imagine where that person is running to after eating that!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Freeing up storage space!

There is a chance, albeit a very small chance, that with this post I will have finally shared all of the nonsensical important photos from my phone. I don't even see any random scraps of paper moving from one part of my desk to another. Let me tell you what piece of paper I wish I did have...
 ...perhaps an autograph from Number Two? I should have approached to tell him how fantastic he looks-aging so well! 

I was so caught up in the pet wash station that I forgot to share this other photo from JFK Airport...
I have been seriously neglecting my eyewear. What on earth has happened to the traveler whose specs are so filthy that they require a $3 wash? And watch washing? Is that a thing?

Not to interrupt your ponderings about how poorly you have been caring for your belongings, but have you considered how ashes are best taken care of?
Suitable for all kinds of ashes? Asses for ashes? Or is that a mule? Minor detail at this point.

Speaking of details, don't let the fine print on the toilet escape you...
What the fresh hell are these?!?!?! More important-WHY?!?!?!

Maybe I need to look for something more my style...
...but not here!

Friday, January 19, 2018


I was looking at my list of postings and their corresponding dates. I realized the serious drop-off occurred after a certain someone left us. He always did claim to be the one to keep this thing on track. I have to admit that this photo...
provided enough amusement to get me typing sometimes just so I could share it. (File me under "easily amused") I figured these pictures my mom sent me from JFK airport were appropriate to have here.
 This is much fancier than our guest bathroom.
(Yep, still finding things around here waiting to be shared. Thank you for your patience and indulgence!)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

WoW...Wednesday too?!

Wow! I know, I was just here yesterday. Those of you who've been hanging around here for awhile know that there is not necessarily a set schedule. Speaking of things that have been hanging around here, I dabbled in the notion of bra shopping today. It was not the full effort put forth in previous biennial events, but I realized if I didn't share now, I would just be contributing to the growing backlog of photos and things I feel compelled to share (as I do not feel inspired to make a grander undergarment extravaganza effort any time soon).

Not exactly what I was intending to boost...
In fact, bra shopping is typically a terrible blow to my ego. 

Now this seems to be asking too much...
Just trying to focus on the front. Eyes over here, please.